What If Today Was Your Last Day?

by - m on 12/02/2016


(image from R. Crumb)


What if today was your last day?

is the easy question.

What if it’s not?

is the difficult one.



The Room Where It Happens…

by - m on 12/01/2016


(image from pexel.com)


The room is a lonely place.

Creative is lonely.

Figuring is lonely.

Tinkering is lonely.

Because even when you’re surrounded with like-minded colleagues

the room where it happens

is in your head.



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A New Miracle Each Morning…

by - m on 11/30/2016



You ask, “What happens next?”

You say, “Is this all there is?

You wonder, “Who am I?”


You wake to another day

with hot coffee

and just enough strength

to keep going.



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The Selfie Apocalypse

by - m on 11/29/2016


(image from pexel.com)


It’s not all about you.

Your iPhone isn’t a mirror.

Capture someone else’s moment once in a while.



…It’s How You Play The Game

November 28, 2016

(image from pexel.com)   It’s not the game of your life. The game is your life. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose… …as long as you play. -m    

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