A road is not a path to a destination.

It’s not even a route.

A road is about who shares a journey.

A road is made by the people who walk on it.

~ m


Winners Never Demand A Rematch….

by - m on 03/23/2017


Winners get to write the history…

but losers share better stories.

Winners hope to stay in place.

Losers hope for better luck.

Winners have last time.

Losers have next time.

Everybody loves a winner.

But they root for the underdog.

~ m


Don’t Go Where The Crowd Is

by - m on 03/22/2017

(image from pexels.com)


There is no wisdom in crowds.

Ideas – especially creative ideas – rarely win popularity contests.

Besides, you don’t want approval from just anyone.

Look for validation from that one smart person who gets it.

~ m



We Have Met The Enemy And It Is Us

by - m on 03/21/2017


We treat strangers and coworkers better than we treat family and friends.

Each day we tolerate time-wasting meetings, inane comments, and mediocre talent.

Then we go home and take out our frustrations on those we care about most.

Ask yourself why you didn’t call out the boring, do-nothing meeting or
did not challenge the ideas brought by the willfully uninformed.

Avoid diatribes and histrionics.

Build your case. Develop alternatives to the status quo. Include the powers-that-be in your plan. Ask for advice – especially from those with whom you disagree.

If you’re persistent. If you’re patient…

There will be fewer meetings.

There will be better ideas.

If nothing else, your friends and family will be happier.

~ m


You Should Stop Doing Everything You Can…

March 20, 2017

  We spend a lot of time doing whatever we can… to create a project. to push a strategy. to keep a job. to get a job. You do what you can and then you stop, confident that you did what you could. But there’s one more thing to do…  After you have done everything you can,  do something you can’t. It can make all the difference. ~ m […]

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Sermons After Church – Childhood

March 19, 2017

  (image from Google:Life archive)   “You are all that is left of your childhood.” ~ Richard Krause  

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via TED: The Dictionary Of Made-Up Words

March 18, 2017

Here’s the link: John Koenig: Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions  

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A Six Step Guide To Building Your Future

March 17, 2017

(image from pexels.com) . I I am I am afraid I am afraid not I am afraid not to I am afraid not to try   A new beginning is the hardest thing you will ever build. ~ m  

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The Journey From Life To Death Is One Step…

March 16, 2017

  The problem isn’t that you’re unhappy. The problem is you yearn to be happier. We are so addicted to now that even rainbows are boring after ten minutes. Take this advice: Evidence and advice are often contradictory. The basic facts are the ones we find last. The journey from life to death is but one step. If only we […]

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