A Simple Game Of Tug-Of-War

by - m on 04/26/2017


Work is less a war than a game of tug-of-war.

It’s not a battle for survival.

It’s a conflict between enough and more than enough.

Which begs the question…

How will you know when you have had enough?

~ m




Why Nothing Gets Done In Meetings

by - m on 04/25/2017


The term “Working Meeting” is an oxymoron.

Meetings – if scheduled at all – should be used only to review and impart information.

The discussion over coffee.

The hallway chat.

That’s where the real work gets done…

not in meetings.

Conversations are where the real collaboration happens.

The amount of work that is accomplished in a scheduled meeting is inversely proportional to the number of people attending it.

– m

Confessions Of A Toxic Employee

by - m on 04/24/2017

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I didn’t suffer fools.

I pointed out deficiencies.

I pushed for change.

The harder I pushed the tighter they held to their beliefs.

I cajoled. I railed. I ranted…

…against the status quo.

When change finally came – I was caught in it.

Some said I was a toxic employee.

(Sometimes I let my frustration get the best of me – sometimes it was their apathy).

Others said I spoke truth to power.

(Often, companies implemented the changes I proffered – after my exit).

With conviction comes risk…


Here are ways of minimizing it:

If you find yourself in a culture counter to your own – it’s likely you are the one who needs a change.
(Unless you were hired at an executive or C-Suite level, it is not your place to change the place).

Recruit allies. Build a posse.
(There is some safety in numbers).

Build up rather than tear down.
(Regardless of motive, people get tired of a constant harangue).

Your truth is likely not their truth.
(and neither one is the truth). 

People don’t get stuck in their ways – they become them.
(Take a look in a mirror).

Above all…

Becoming the change you want to see may not be the change they had in mind…

And that’s no reason to stop.

~ m



Sermons After Church – Miracles

by - m on 04/23/2017

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Just because it’s not the miracle you expected
doesn’t make it less of a miracle
~ m


via Monty Python: Always Look On The Bright Side

April 22, 2017

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