via TED: The Magic Washing Machine

by - m on 02/25/2017

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Hans Rosling: The magic washing machine


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“It is harrowing for me to try to teach 20-year-old students, who earnestly want to improve their writing.
The best I can think to tell them is: Quit smoking, and observe posted speed limits.
This will improve your odds of getting old enough to be wise.”

~ Barbara Kingsolver


George Carlin Management School

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“Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.”
~ George Carlin


NEVER Outshine The Boss…

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No matter how collaborative your culture…

Regardless of how open the bosses are to differing opinions…

Avoid outshining your superiors.

They will allow you to help them, but not to eclipse them.

Even the stars – as bright as they are – know not to outshine the sun’s brilliance.

~ m


The Happiness Conundrum Part Two…

February 21, 2017

  You have searched everywhere. You’ve looked inward. You’ve looked outward. You’ve attended seminars  and consulted gurus. Still, happiness eludes you. You can’t find happiness because it can’t be found.  Happiness can only be given away. ~ m    

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A Word To The Boss About Collaboration…

February 20, 2017

(image from google:life archive)   Being the boss does not give you the right to insert yourself into every project. Meddling is not a form of collaboration. ~ m  

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Sermons After Church – The Wrong Way

February 19, 2017

(image from   “If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.” ~ Steven Wright    

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via TED: The Worst Moments Make Us Who We Are

February 18, 2017

Here’s the link: Andrew Solomon: How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are  

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Why It’s Hard To Tell Which Way Is Up

February 17, 2017

(image from google:life archive)   You can fall so fast that you think you are flying. ~ m  

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