The Key To Great Leadership…

by - m on 01/18/2017

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Every leader needs a plan.

Deciding what to include and what to implement is the easy part.

The art of great leadership is knowing what to leave out.

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Here’s the thing all successful people know…

Their success is different than your success.

Regardless of what you may have read, copying the tactics of “successful” people is no guarantee that you will be successful.

Success is not in the eye of the beholder.

Success is in each one of us.

It’s personal.

Insist on being yourself.

Never imitate.

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If discovery lies at the intersection of artistry, technology, and commerce…

Innovation is what happens when the three collide.

It may sprout from desperation as Amy Tan suggests…

…or may be conjured by the muse.

Some say it is combining existing ideas… Cellphone + iPod = iPhone

Some say it’s subtracting something… Eyeglasses – frames = contact lenses

In any case, innovation doesn’t arrive at all.

When you give it some thought…

you run into it.

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You Should Dream Too…

by - m on 01/15/2017


“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr

“All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books,
all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders
have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing.”
~ Molière


via Maximus Thor: Dream

January 14, 2017

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January 12, 2017

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January 11, 2017

(image from   Learn to be a good loser. (one day you’ll thank me) _ m  

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January 10, 2017

(image from google:life archive)   Empathy is the ability to understand another’s feelings. Understanding is one thing; having an effect is another. That requires compassion. Compassion is the quality that compels you to act. Customers, bosses, and employees don’t want you to understand… …they want you to solve. _m  

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