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Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

We’ve all heard the question.

We have googled the “correct” answer.

The best answer is to reframe the question.

It’s not ‘where will you be in five years.’

It’s ‘where will we be in five years.’

We’ll be solving the really big problems…




Success Is A Drug

by - m on 10/26/2016

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Success is a drug.

Once you’ve experienced success all you want to do is

keep feeling successful.

You want more success

and you’re do anything to get it.

That’s when you stop learning.

That’s when you stop laughing.

Then you’re hooked.




One Of Those Days…

by - m on 10/25/2016


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It’s just one of those days where

you might pull the covers over your head.

Or take your coffee and

step onto the porch

to listen to the birds, or more likely,

the traffic in the distance that sounds like the surf

washing a beach you wish you were standing on.



There Is No Exit Strategy…

by - m on 10/24/2016


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Keep going.

Keep growing.

It’s not a sprint.

It’s a relay race.

Your job isn’t to cross the finish line…

Your job is to pass the baton.




via TED: Bring On The Female Superheroes

October 22, 2016

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