You Can’t Always Get What You Want

by - m on 07/20/2010

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Agencies and production/design companies want people with creative chops. They want to be blown away by innovative thinking. They want to be impressed with a body of work. What they want however is trumped by what they need. And what they need is rarely included in a job posting.
They need a person with tenacity but who knows if it’s time to change course.
They need someone who can see a project through to completion.
They need an independent thinker who can also work in a team.
They need a person who can admit when they’re wrong.
They need someone with empathy.
They need a sense of humor.
They need commitment.
They need passion…
Mostly they need someone who can deliver.
Matching the employer’s wants may land you an interview. Addressing the employer’s needs will land you the job.
– m

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