Winning Through Intimidation

winning through intimidation


Robert J. Ringer’s best seller, Winning Through Intimidation was published in 1973. Paging through it again, I expected to find outmoded thinking and quaint affirmations.

What I found was that not a lot has changed in the forty-plus years since the book was first published.

Mr. Ringer uses theories to guide the reader through his philosophy. For example:
  • The Reality Theory states that reality isn’t the way you wish things to be.
  • Posture Theory states that it’s not so much what you say as how you say it. 
  • The Theory of Intimidation states that the results a person attains is inversely proportional to the degree that he is intimidated. 

There are some differences however. Perhaps the biggest difference is shown in Mr. Ringer’s five-step advice on how to succeed at selling. 

  1. Obtain a product
  2. Define the market
  3. Implement marketing plan
  4. Close the sale
  5. GET PAID!

Most – if not all – of today’s business guru’s leave out #5.

Considering the current economic environment, Mr. Ringer’s book may deserve another look, despite the title.

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