Why Planning Is Not A Strategy

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True Story…

In November 2005 I was asked to attend an all-day strategic planning meeting to discuss the internet’s impact on video production. 

The retreat was called by one of my clients – the head of a traditional media company – and was attended by executives, producers, and creative directors.

(Never a fan of lengthy meetings I nevertheless obliged my client).

We discussed small-format video production, marketing content on the web, and ideas for making money from “web videos”.

By the end of the all-day summit my client had sketched out his next year’s strategy for exploiting web-based video content.

The following week YouTube launched – rendering his plan obsolete before it was implemented.

As Jason Fried states in his book Rework,“Strategic planning is strategic guessing.”

It’s fitting to have a plan.

It’s essential to act, adapt quickly, and stay focused on your goal.

Everything changes everything.

– m

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