Want To Defeat Fear? Stay Angry

by - m on 04/21/2017


In his book Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger, Jeff Wise explores the brain’s fear response and presents evidence that we can take charge of this emotion. In his blog he offers nine techniques to push through fear and persevere. (Go to the entire post here)

  1. Get Fit: studies have even shown that exercise can ease depression and anxiety.
  2. Lean On Friends:  In a tough situation we rely on emotional rapport with friends and family members.
  3. Expose Yourself: One crucial tool for mastering fear is to develop a sense of confidence in your abilities.
  4. Think Positive: …athletes who did the Stuart Smalley routine were significantly more likely to survive the intense pressure of elite competition and reach the medal stand.
  5. Change The Frame: Instead of panicking in the face of a crisis, try to see the situation from another perspective.
  6. Think Small: One trick is to just focus on the little piece in front of you.
  7. Get Mad: A powerful emotion like anger can trump fear.
  8. Do The Nasty: …one recent study found that subjects who had recently engaged in sexual intercourse were significantly calmer.
  9. Enjoy The Ride: Intense fear causes our brain to release chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana and amphetamines.
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