Time Travel – A Daily Boss Special Edition

Today is my birthday – and it may not be.

The following may take your complete attention…

It is midnight in Hong Kong (where I am today) as I write this. But it’s only noon on October 3rd in Atlanta, where I live and work.

It’s my birthday and it’s not.

In 24 hours it will be October 5th in Hong Kong but noon on October 4th in Atlanta. It’ll no longer be my birthday, but it will be.
Add to the confusion that I have no idea what day and time it is as you read this.


Time is ephemeral.

Measuring time is a concept we invented to give us the illusion that we can control it.

We cannot.

So make now count.

– m

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One Response to "Time Travel – A Daily Boss Special Edition"

  1. A sermon I heard last month stated that only recently did 15 til or 5 minutes late make any sense. Most of humankind had no idea to discern time to that level of accuracy. "In 7 minutes, I promise" was meaningless.
    Agreed. Make now count.

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