Think Time

by - m on 09/28/2010

I spend at least an hour per day thinking.  Just thinking. 

I sit away from my cubicle with a notebook. This activity raises eyebrows because in large companies employees are rewarded for doing things. They are rewarded for looking busy. Being in motion is viewed as being busy. Sitting in the cafeteria contemplating the state of affairs is viewed as wasting time. 
Too bad.
Joey Reiman, CEO of BrightHouse, told Inc.’s Leigh Buchanan, “The five last bastions of thinking are the car, the john, the shower, the church or synagogue, and the gym.” Notice that the office isn’t included on Mr. Reiman’s list. To address this, BrightHouse’s 18 staff members get five “Your Days,” in which they are encouraged to visit a spot conducive to reflection.
Innovation doesn’t come out of thin air. It starts with a thought – a spark. The next time you see one of your colleagues sitting quietly don’t assume they are doing nothing. Assume they are busy. 
– T.D. Boss 

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