Think Temporary

by - m on 02/02/2011

Creative businesses hire based on need, with most projects running from a few weeks to a few months. 

Gone are the days when a company would hire full-time staff for a project and then hope another project comes along to keep the staff busy.

Ironically, The best way to land a full-time job with a creative company today is to think short term.

If you are in school, look for internships. Even “gopher” internships (‘go for’ coffee, ‘go for’ copies) connect you to professionals in your chosen field.

If you are between gigs, ask your contacts about temporary projects. 

Most – if not all – of the full-time positions I know of are filled by people who have worked with the employer or who were referred to the employer by a trusted colleague. 

If you are fortunate enough to land a temporary position remember that moving to a full-time gig depends on your ability to be pleasant, to be helpful, to be excellent, to be memorable.

in that order.

– m

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