Think Different – Together


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Corporate teams exist because management believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s true, but only when teams know why they exist and when individual members trust and depend on each other.

Take Vanderbilt University Hospital…

Vanderbilt relies on Crew Resource Management (CRM) to ensure teams respond to problems and learn from their experiences.

Crew Resource Management states:

  • It’s up to everyone to catch errors.
  • It’s everyone’s duty to question the wisdom of those in authority.
  • Each team member collaborates – regardless of rank.
  • Promote an atmosphere of responsibility.

The CRM mantra is See it, Say it, Fix it – If you see a problem it’s up to you to speak up so everyone can work to solve it.

Innovative organizations urge their staff to think different.

Successful innovative organizations train their staff to think together.

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