You Have One Chance At A First Impression

I know it seems counterintuitive, but succeeding in the creative workplace has little to do with being creative. 

Yes, it’s important that you are good – or even great – at what you do. It is also not enough to be good – or even great – at what you do. 

If you are going to succeed in a creative field (or any profession), you must acquire and refine the so-called “soft” skills.

In a story on NPR, entitled “College Grads Unprepared for Workplace,” researchers observed, “There’s a sense of entitlement that we’ve picked up on, where people think they’re entitled to become, let’s say, president of the company within the next two years; they’re entitled to five weeks of vacation.”

The article goes on…In survey after survey employers list the ability to “cooperate with others,” and “communicate and listen respectfully,” as two of the most valued skills. Business leaders often rank these skills ahead of educational achievement.

Recent grads and interviewees place a premium on multitasking and dismiss important things like paying attention to their appearance.

As the adage says, “You have only one chance to make a first impression.

– m

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