The Happiest Jobs

by - m on 07/23/2010

The happiest jobs via Gretchen Rubin at the Happiness Project 

So what are the ten happiest jobs? The results of the study, according to, are listed in order below, along with the median salary for each.
1. Clergy, median salary of $44,102 
2. Firefighters, median salary of $45,553 
3. Travel agents, median hourly wage of $14.23 
4. Mechanics and repairmen, median hourly wage of $15.26 
5. Architects, median salary of $54,079 
6. Special Education teachers, median salaries of $41,344 for preschool through elementary teachers; $43,060 for high school teachers 
7. Actors and directors, salary varies greatly 
8. Scientific researchers, median salary of $72,435 
9. Industrial engineers, median salary of $61,729 
10. Airline pilots and navigators, median hourly wage of $63
Thanks Gretchen.
– T.D. Boss

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