The Future Is 8.3 Years From Now

by - m on 09/28/2011

My colleagues over at Designs On Talent have a great post about the year 2020 workforce and how your company can be better positioned to attract the best talent.

Using “old school” techniques (gyms, bonuses, etc.) isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to attracting and retaining this generation.

Generation Z (sometimes called Digital Natives) are more ethnically diverse, more change tolerant, and the most technologically advanced generation yet. Eighty-five percent have a profile on a social networking site. Eighty-three percent say they sleep with their mobile device on and nearby. (Compared to 68% of Gen-X and 50% of Boomers).

Here’s where it gets really interesting – especially if you are in a management position in a traditional “chain of command” organization.

They are community oriented yet independent thinkers.

They collaborate effectively via social networks and mobile devices and therefore have little use (or need) for face-to-face meetings.

They adapt quickly, are technically proficient, and aren’t necessarily motivated by money and career.

To be sure, these are generalities and it’s early in the game, but here’s the takeaway…

If you are a leadership-impaired manager who doesn’t allow Facebook at work, assumes people aren’t working if they aren’t at their desks, and thinks that the threat of losing a bonus will keep folks in line…

…good luck with what’s left of your career in about eight years.

– m

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