The First Time You’re The Boss

by - m on 04/26/2011

Adam Bryant’s interviews for the NYT’s Corner Office starts with the question, “Do you remember the first time you were somebody’s boss?” The interviewee usually relates the first employment experience they had as a manager or boss.

They – and we – forget that the first time we were somebody’s boss was well before we were employed. 

The first time we were chosen as the captain of the sandlot team, or debate leader, or student body president, we became the boss.

That’s when we first began to figure out how to get our way. Or how to get a group to play like a team.

That’s when we began to develop our leadership style. 

When we didn’t succeed, we tried something else. When we succeeded, we honed what we learned and began to believe that we could lead.

And once you believe that you can do something, you can.

– m

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