The Elevator Pitch Is Dead

The Elevator Pitch is dead. The elevator pitch is that pithy statement we’ve been told to practice in case we’re caught standing next to the CEO on the elevator.  Here’s the problem with the elevator pitch. It’s irrelevant. A case in point….

A colleague found herself standing next to her network’s president at a recent company event. A perfect ‘Elevator Pitch’ opportunity.

Her: Hello Sir
Prez: Hi. What do you do here?
Her: We deliver your creative look. Our team has won several BDA awards for the network.
Prez: Your work is beautiful. Very creative.
Her: Thank you
Prez: It’s some of the most creative work I’ve ever seen. Just one thing. I don’t give a damn about creative.

With that the President excused himself and wandered off. Within the next four months my colleague and most of her creative team was laid off. My colleague’s elevator pitch seemed dead on. She gave credit to her team and pointed out the value to the company. 

Didn’t matter.

Rather than practice an elevator pitch, create your passion statement. If you have the opportunity to “tell me about yourself,” tell what you believe in. Tell why you chose this career. Do it in 15 seconds. Impossible? 

A parable….

Another colleague is the head of a non-profit that raises money for hospitals. What does she say when someone asks her what she does for a living? 

“I save lives,” she says. 

It’s hard not to give a damn about that.

– T.D. Boss

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