The Cure For The Mediocre WorkPlace

Why do we treat strangers and coworkers better than we treat family and friends?

We put up with time-wasting meetings, inane comments, and mediocre talent. Then we go home and take out our frustrations on those we care about most.

I have a suggestion.

Take out your frustrations on yourself.

Ask yourself why you didn’t call out the boring, do-nothing meeting or

did not challenge the ideas brought by the willfully uninformed.

Stay calm.

Avoid diatribes and histrionics.

Build your case. Develop alternatives to the status quo. Include the powers-that-be in your plan. Ask for advice – especially from those with whom you disagree. (They hate wasted time too).

If you’re persistent. If you’re patient…

There will be fewer meetings.

There will be better ideas.

And your friends and family will be happier.

– m

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