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by - m on 07/29/2010

A recent NYT article “Abrupt Shake-Up at the Top Ranks of ABC” about the sudden resignation of an ABC executive supports my theory about the importance of the so-called soft skills.
from the article:

“Mr. McPherson, who only recently signed a new contract with Disney, (my italics) was known for his temper and for frequently refusing to speak to ABC executives on his team. His rocky relationship with his boss, Anne Sweeney, a co-chairwoman of Disney Media Networks, was well known inside Disney…

…Under Mr. McPherson, ABC reversed course. The network became home to a parade of hits, including “Dancing With the Stars” and what became known as the big three: the castaways drama “Lost,” the medical juggernaut “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Desperate Housewives.””
The story seems to confirm my observation that delivering hits and increasing revenue is not enough to ensure your survival in today’s creative environment. You also need to be nice. That is, treat colleagues with respect. 
I’ll say it again, “Nice trumps competence every time.”
– T.D. Boss

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