State 1 – Ivy League 0

The Washington Post’s On Success feature reported recently that big US companies are selecting entry-level employees from big state universities over Ivy League schools. Recruiters state that they look for candidates with business-related skills over a liberal arts education.

Where you attend school is less important than what you bring to an employer. Soft skills such as critical thinking, working and managing teams, and the ability to play nice with others are more important than having a high-profile degree.
No one is saying that a college degree is not important. While the overall unemployment rate is hovering around 10%. It’s 5% among college graduates.
As one commenter stated. “Job stability and vocational empowerment, in 21st century America, require a college education. But do you need to go to the most expensive college you can afford? Do you need to go to the biggest, most prestigious or most selective college you can to be vocationally successful? Clearly not.”
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