Social Media Tips For Your Job Search

From the Christian Science Monitor comes their Top 10 Social Media Tips For The Job Hunt (I like #3 Be Interesting.)

Then there’s Social Media Commando’s 10 Social Media Job Search Tips. (Use caution with #4 Create A Web Video Resume. Experts disagree about whether or not these are effective. One misstep and you could find an audience you didn’t expect or want).

And there’s The current darling of job search sites. You could spend days and days researching information about jobs and how to conduct a job search – there’s the rub. Don’t confuse research with actually accomplishing something.

Here are my top three social media tips.

  1. Join LinkedIn – create an interesting profile, join AND be involved in a few groups.
  2. Start a blog and connect with others by reading blogs related to your field and comment when appropriate. (promise yourself to post to your blog every day for thirty days).
  3. Tell others that you are looking and what you are looking for (it’s amazing to me how many people skip this step).
Join the discussion, communicate, and relate.

– T.D. Boss

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