Men Of A Certain Age

by - m on 01/26/2012

Fellow blogger Susannah Breslin wrote recently about being downsized and how white men helped her with the transition to independent contractor.

I too would like to offer some observations on working with mid-level guys in a large creative organization.

Middle-level guys were initially drawn to this business because it’s cool. They were good at it.  And when they worked with like-minded folks on a project they felt important…

And smart.
And funny. 
And creative.

They wanted to succeed, to be noticed, and to have some fun.

Later, they wanted to make some money.

They advanced in their career. They moved from creating things to managing things.

And we were good at it.

At a certain age we realized that we missed creating stuff with like-minded people and that money wasn’t everything.

We also realized that it’s hard to walk away from the money and its false promise of security.

So, we work with like-minded people when we can – advising, counseling, directing.

And not for altogether altruistic reasons.

We like to help creative, attractive*, intelligent people.

Because when we help friendly, attractive, intelligent, like-minded people…

We feel important…

and smart,
and funny,
and creative,

and cool.

– m


* As Susannah has written, while it is not necessary to be attractive, it helps. Sorry, like it or not, it does.



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