Scaredy Cats

Cat and Mouse
(from Spoon & Tamago)


There are people you work with who are filled with fear and self-doubt.

They go along to get along.

They follow the rules.

They cringe when you suggest something new.

They suggest that you’ll get yourself (and them) in trouble.

When I was seven years old I called these people “Scaredy Cats”.

Now I call them “colleagues”.

We all experience fear and doubt from time to time.

When I’m afraid I think of that seven-year-old kid – bulletproof and radioactive.

Or I crank up the iTunes (The Strokes, The Who, The Killers, White Stripes).

What works for me may not work for you*. But do anything to break out of the fear.

Know that you are not the only one who has doubts – who gets scared.

It’s easy to give in to the fear.


Why not?

Because you are not a scaredy cat.

– m

* Here’s some suggestions from Four Ways To Break Through Your Fear And Self-Doubt

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