Same As It Ever Was…

(image from Logan’s Run, MGM)
It’s the nature of things.

When I was young and brash and just beginning work I knew everything. I battled the old ways of my elder bosses. Technology was my weapon of choice.

I was a disrupter before disruption was cool.

Later, other disrupters came along. They were younger and brasher and, as I had with my bosses, only tolerated my quaint opinions.

Later still I became a mentor (a euphemism invented by elder bosses I believe).

Now, as I see my fellow Boomers holding tenaciously onto relevancy, the charges of ageism and their bemoaning the worship of youth seems disingenuous.

(We were the generation that produced the film, Logan’s Run after all).

We had our turn. It was fun while it lasted.

It’s time to support the next generation – to advise when we can – and when they allow it.

It’s time to be as confident in our wisdom as they are in their data.

As the sage has written:

What you are
I once was.
What I am
You will become.
Same as it ever was.
~ m

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