Resume On Steroids

by - m on 06/21/2012

I have been thinking about resumes.

About how even though most resumes are blatantly inflated, interminably boring, and badly written, we insist on using them to select candidates.

I stumbled across this Twitter Resume for Santa Claus on RezScore (via Mashable).

Santa Claus: World traveler and toy expert. 300+ years management experience. Looking for position in entertainment industry.

While probably not a replacement for the traditional format, it was concise, inventive, and attention grabbing. (Not to mention jolly).

If you think distilling a career down to one or two pages is challenging, try compressing it to 140 keystrokes.

Here’s mine…

Insatiably curious instigator. Anti-Status Quo. Offers leadership for the leadership impaired while helping people to succeed. #thedailyboss

Go ahead. Give it a try.

– m

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