Resume Autopsy – The Layout

Yet another thing to think about when preparing your resume is the layout.

Is your resume easy to read? Is there plenty of white space?
Does the layout make the reader want to read more? 

Does the layout itself say something about you? (For example, if you’re an Art Director does the layout show great art direction?)

The layout should be clean, professional, and above all else help the reader to read your resume. 

There is a temptation to be “creative” with the layout – to make it stand out from other resumes. This comes with some risk. It could be rejected because it’s too cute or over-the-top. 

How can you tell if the layout is right? Showing it to a trusted friend or colleague can help, but honestly there is no guarantee. 

The website JobMob has layout examples you might want to consider. Not all are great, but they get you thinking about the importance of layout.

And that’s the idea.

– m

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