Pitch 101 – More To Consider

If you forget everything else about pitching your idea, remember one thing…

It’s not about the idea. It’s about your ability to deliver it.

Unless you have a track record you will need to partner with a person or a company that does. No executive is going to risk his career on a rookie’s idea.

In his book, Wake Me When It’s Funny: How to Break into Show Business and Stay There, Garry Marshall answers why studio executives hire the same people to produce shows – low risk. Even if the project fails, the producer can say “who would have guessed that guy could create a turkey.” Job saved!

To sell your idea, you need to lower the risk.

  1. Do you understand the idea well enough to make it appealing?
  2. Does your idea fit what the executive is looking for?
  3. Can you prove that you can deliver it?

Answer yes to the above and you are closer to getting your project greenlighted.

Of course there is the element of luck and timing to consider.

– m

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