In 1952, Bell Laboratories worked with the University of Pennsylvania to create a ten-month program so their executives could gain a wider point of view – not only in buisness, but about society, The Bell execs studied art, philosophy, and literature.  They visited museums and discussed Ulysses.  Bell Labs understood that giving their scientists a broader perspective allowed them to make better decisions.

As Apple extolled forty-five years later, it allowed them to think different.

Companies – especially forward-thinking ones – need problem solvers. They seek creative thinkers. How do you show that you are capable of innovative thinking? 

Cite “real-life” examples. Tell a story about how you figured something out. Describe the problem. Relate the solution. Tell how you reached your conclusion. (An added bonus is to answer the question, “What did I learn from the experience”). Show that you have a sense of proportion (not every problem is huge or requires using every resource). 

Every one of your encounters is an opportunity to learn and to grow. The most valuable experiences are usually not in your field of study.

– T.D. Boss

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