For Mother’s Day – Let’s Hire Women In Technology

May 12, 2017

For more information goto: National Center For Women And Information Technology (NCWIT)  

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Creative Abrasion

May 11, 2017

  One the mistakes you don’t know you make as boss is to quash innovation by…. Explaining the risk Playing ‘Devil’s Advocate’ Letting cooler heads prevail Smoothing rough edges These tactics – while calming emotions – limit collaboration because Chance favors the bold The devil needs no advocate Passion rules With no edges gears don’t mesh As boss you should be sandpaper… …not a […]

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Here’s What You’ve Forgotten About Leadership

May 10, 2017

(image from google:life archive) . Leadership isn’t something you attain. Leadership is something you do… …for a reason greater than yourself. Leadership is not a noun. It’s a verb. – m  

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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

May 9, 2017

. We pass colleagues in the hall barely acknowledging them. We answer, “fine” when others ask us how we’re doing. (Whether we’re fine or not). Perhaps we believe revealing our feelings is a weakness. (Unless we are hiding in the anonymity of social media). There was a time when we had no choice but to have a […]

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The Three Rules For Successful Staff Meetings…

May 8, 2017

  Your staff meetings don’t work for one simple reason… …you expect too much from those attending them. Staff meetings should be used to gather, review, or convey information – only. Working sessions – brainstorming and strategy are examples – should be reserved for those who have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to achieve the company’s goals. “Working […]

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Sermons After Church – Victory

May 7, 2017

  “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” ~ Horace Mann  

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via TED: In Praise Of Conflict

May 6, 2017

Here’s the link: In Praise Of Conflict  

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