On Inspiration – Steve Jobs & Ted Turner

by - m on 10/10/2011

Discussion in the media has turned to what will become of Apple with the passing of Steve Jobs. Having never worked at Apple I’ll leave that debate to those more qualified. 

I do however have experience working at a company that loses its visionary leader. (I joined Turner Broadcasting in 1994 to help launch TCM). 

Ted Turner’s antics were legendary. And his leadership changed the world. 

Media was Ted’s pulpit.

Employees were disciples. 

Sound familiar?

In 1996 TBS merged with Time Warner. (One staffer commented that Turner merging with Time Warner was like Guam “merging” with China). 

Not that Turner Broadcasting has suffered without Ted at the helm. On the contrary, it has financially flourished.

Which brings us back to Apple.

Even without Steve Jobs it’s likely Apple will continue to make billions of dollars for years to come.

But what of antics?

What of vision?

Are innovation and insight important only when weighed against profit and market value?

Is inspiration even wanted? 

And if it is…

Will we know it when we see it.

– m

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