Networking Gets Gigs – More Evidence

by - m on 05/20/2011

The following item is from an article that appeared yesterday in the NYTimes about the bleak job prospects for college graduates (read the entire article here):

“I have friends with the same degree as me, from a worse school, but because of who they knew or when they happened to graduate, they’re in much better jobs,” said Kyle Bishop, 23, a 2009 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh who has spent the last two years waiting tables, delivering beer, working at a bookstore and entering data. 

“It’s more about luck than anything else.”

I beg to differ. While chance does play a part in getting hired (I call it timing), the people who are prepared and who participate in an active, diverse network have the best prospects. 

Even Mr. Bishop acknowledges this (words in parentheses are mine),  “…but because of who they knew (networking) or when they happened to graduate (timing), they’re in much better jobs.”

I rest my case.

– m

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