Let’s Get Serious About Women

It’s no secret that there is a scarcity of women in Technology fields (call centers don’t count).

It’s time to get serious about this issue and to stop just talking about it.

We don’t need yet another website or highly-crafted video talking about how your organization supports women.

We need action!

I’m talking to you Mister C-Level.

If you haven’t yet done so, fund and start a mentoring program. Time to actively champion and recognize deserving women in your organization.

I’m talking to you Madam C-Level.

Congratulations! You made it.

You worked hard, harder than any of your guy colleagues (because you weren’t allowed to be mediocre), but you didn’t do it alone.

My guess is that somewhere along the way there was someone – perhaps a woman – who recognized the spark that you felt in yourself.

Time to pay it forward.

Here are ten additional ways that you can increase the visibility of technical women via NCWIT

– m

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