Leadership For The Leadership Impaired – Curb Email

No single business tool disrupts, disturbs, or distracts more than email.
No single tool is misused more than email. No single tool causes more misunderstanding than email. And no single blog post will end it.
But you can control it – and teach others to better use it.

1. Turn off the notification beep or vibrate:
Ask your staff to stop using emails for urgent matters. Call or text if something can’t wait. Reply to emails on a predetermined schedule.

2. Do not check emails first thing in the morning:
Nothing screws up a day – and is more disrespectful of someone’s time – than assuming your team has nothing better to do than answer your morning email. 

3. Use the subject line effectively:
Sometimes all you need is one or two words to convey your message. e.g. “Lunch”?
Don’t use the the word “urgent” in the subject line unless it’s urgent. (see #1)

4. Stop writing novels:
Three short paragraphs on your 17″ Macbook Pro looks like War and Peace on my iPhone. And a related point — 

5. Begin with the important stuff. Don’t bury the lead.

Depending on the reporting source, spam accounts for seventy-two to ninety percent of all email traffic.

At least try not to add to that statistic.

– m

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