Land A Gig In 3.5 Steps

by - m on 06/20/2011

I am sure it has not escaped your notice that certain individuals get hired or promoted even though you were told that there were no positions available or promotions possible.

How does that happen?  And more importantly, how do you get a gig that way?

Creative companies and agencies sometimes hire or promote someone to a newly created position mostly by snagging a name-brand person who’s selection makes obvious sense and who delights clients.

The people tapped for these positions are usually well known in the company or the creative community and are in demand.

There are 3.5 steps to landing a gig this way. 

1. Get Known
2. Get Better Known
3. Get Well Know 
3.5. Be Widely Known.

If you consistently deliver value you will be on many company’s radar when you go looking for the next gig…

But only if they know.

– m 

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