Internships – Act Two

by - m on 05/06/2011

You have been invited to interview. Congratulations.

Now what?

Research and rehearse:
Find out as much about the company and the company’s culture as possible. Begin online, but find other sources:

  • Do you know anyone at the company?
  • Has your school placed other interns with the company?
  • Does your professor know anyone at the company?
  • Practice. Go here for frequently asked questions.
  • Be ready with an answer to “Tell us about yourself.”
  • Have questions for the interviewer(s) ready.
  • Get as much rest as possible the night before.
  • Bring several copies of your resume.
  • Bring your portfolio.
  • Bring a note pad and pen/pencil (bring a spare pen/pencil).
  • Dress better than the culture demands. If the firm is very casual, business casual is okay. When in doubt, business attire.
  • NO jeans. NO logos. NO caps. NO T-shirts. NO flashy jewelry. NO mini-skirts. NO plunging necklines. NO Vans, PF Flyers, or Keds.
  • Be on time (that means fifteen minutes early).
  • Get specific directions. The street address isn’t enough. Which building, floor, and office?
  • Brush your teeth. Take a breath mint (NOT chewing gum).
  • Clean & file your fingernails.
  • Watch your language and your manners. (use “yes sir” and “yes m’am” – Not yeah. Not dude).
  • Don’t tell a joke (it’s an interview, not a speech).
  • Sit up straight.
  • Smile often.
  • Pause to gather your thoughts before you answer a question.
  • Breathe.
It’s okay to be nervous. It’s expected. You’ve impressed them enough to want to meet you.

Feel good about that.

– m

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