Internships – Act One

The “rules” for landing an internship are the same as for a regular gig.

Here are few tips.
The cover letter and resume.
Don’t make it easy to be eliminated.

  • Find the correct name and title of the person to whom you are writing.
  • Spell the name correctly. Get their title right. (Misspelled names and incorrect titles are a direct route to the trashcan).
  • Do not use texting abbreviations (LOL. BTW, etc.). You are writing a business correspondence, not texting your friends.
  • Do not rely on spell check. (Spell check will not catch the difference between  “they’re” and “their”). Read the cover letter and resume aloud. Ask a friend to read it. 
  • Ask your teacher or professor for a brief, concise written recommendation and include it. 
Remember: You are applying for an internship
While it’s okay to state how passionate you are about working in your chosen field, it’s not the time to promote your genius or tell the prospective employer how lucky they would be to have you.
To paraphrase President John F. Kennedy. Ask not what the company can do for you. Ask what you can do for the company.
– m

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