Ideas Are Like Splinters

by - m on 07/21/2011

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Ideas Are Everywhere. All you have to do is look – carefully.

A case in point…

I was researching panels on the SXSW Panel Picker over the weekend and read the title of one of last year’s panels:

“Live Life Like A Splinter?”

Wow! What a great title. I immediately jumped on Evernote and started typing this very post – an idea is like a splinter.

A splinter gets under your skin and irritates. It’s aggravating…

Yes. That’s what an idea is like – a splinter. You can think of nothing but the idea. You have to get it out.

Then I re-read the title.

“Live Life Like a S-P-R-I-N-T-E-R?”


That’s different.

Slow Down. Pace yourself. 

Pay Attention.

– m

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