How To Kill Your Company In 10 Simple Steps

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Left unchecked one person’s bad performance can have a profound effect on your bottom line.

  1. One unmotivated staffer provides mediocre service.
  2. Client becomes upset.
  3. Client doesn’t return.
  4. Client relates bad experience to colleagues.
  5. Colleagues don’t use company’s services or product.
  6. Sales drop.
  7. Income sinks.
  8. Executives cut staff.
  9. Morale plummets.
  10. Cycle continues

I have seen managers hide behind HR or launch costly motivational seminars rather than fix the problem where it’s broken…

that is, discuss the bad behavior with the offending person and if necessary replace them.

It’s not easy.

It’s not fun.

Neither is being out of work or out of business.

– m

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