Hierarchy Isn’t Leadership

by - m on 07/15/2010

Organizations love to organize things. That’s what they do.

One of the first things you will learn as an employee of a large company is the organizational hierarchy – both official and informal. You may receive a hierarchy flowchart which looks something like this. 

You may rise quickly through the ranks. 
You may receive a great title and a great compensation package.
You may even become the CEO and be selected to lead the company. 

But having your name in the top box of the organizational flowchart doesn’t necessarily make you a leader. 

Large companies often mistake rank for leadership. 

I have the honor of being in an organization that assists high-school students with their career choices. I work with a passionate group of educators, lawyers, student coordinators, coaches, and managers. Not a large-company CEO among them, yet they’re all leaders. 

Leadership requires passion. Leadership requires discipline. Leadership requires commitment. 

It doesn’t require rank. 

– T.D. Boss

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