Get Noticed By The Right People

by - m on 06/21/2011

Just as important as becoming well known is being noticed by the right people. 

Don’t assume that your immediate supervisor or your current client is the right people. Your boss may have little interest in singing your praises. Or the client may be busy using your genius to promote his own career (and there’s nothing wrong with that). 

You need to be noticed by the decision makers – by the people who need you because it’s in their best interest to hire or promote you.

How you say? Here are a couple of suggestions:

If you are a staffer, volunteer for a project that is important to the decision makers. Speak up! Don’t wait to be assigned to a project you want – request it. 

When the job is spectacularly delivered, send a note to everyone involved – your client – your team – your boss – even your boss’s boss – reminding them of what you delivered.  (This is not the time for humbleness).

If you are an independent contractor, follow the creative agency’s modus operandi – post your work on your website (get your client’s permission first!), tell your network about it, and send a press release to those you consider “the right people.”

As my eighth grade teacher used to say, it’s time to “Toot thine own horn.”

– m 

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