Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

by - m on 10/13/2011

Readers of this blog know that I am a fan of PSYBLOG – Understand Your Mind. Many of the articles featured on come from the website.

Written by University College London researcher Jeremy Dean, the information is useful, easy to understand, and is backed by research.

Of all the information on the site the most valuable to me is How To Be Creative – an instruction manual on (as the name implies) how to be creative. 

You read that right.

You can learn to be creative. 

Unlike the aphorism-filled pap contained in many self help books, How To Be Creative focuses on the key psychology aspects of creativity.

As Dean states in the introduction:

Whatever our  personal circumstances, we can all work to improve our  creativity,  as more than 70 studies  have demonstrated the effectiveness of creativity training.

Another myth shattered.

Another excuse excised.

– m
Editor’s note: The How To Be Creative eBook costs $7.99 and is available in .pdf and Kindle formats. The Daily Boss is not affiliated with PSYBLOG nor profits from the sale of the book.

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