Failure Hurts

by - m on 08/25/2010

It’s all well and good to talk about embracing failure. It’s another thing entirely when you are facing an unhappy client or angry boss. The reason you want to embrace failure and face the consequences is so you can learn from your mistakes. You can take what you’ve learned and turn it into a success. 

There are consequences. Practical consequences. This isn’t a seminar. In business, failure isn’t theoretical. Fail on a shoot and you may need to reshoot a scene or an entire project. Take a risk and your work is rejected, you may throw the schedule off. It may mean the budget is blown. More importantly, it may mean people are effected – your colleagues – your friends.
Taking a risk takes courage. Facing failure takes courage. Failure hurts. 
That said, take the risk. Make the mistake. Fail. Fail huge. Lose your job. Change your approach. Then succeed.
When you make mistakes you embrace failure. You become tolerate of failure. You don’t get angry at the person who makes a mistake. You teach – you remind her why she took the chance in the first place.
You cause more failure.
And that’s a good thing.
– T.D. Boss

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