Don’t Be A Cry Baby!

by - m on 07/28/2011

It’s late at night and you are feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t hear back from the executive you emailed for an “informational” interview…
or the recruiter you linked…
or the publisher you pitched…
or the blogger you tweeted…
It happens. 
Get over yourself.
People are BUSY. They – like you – have a career to massage. Clients to placate. Numbers to hit. Product to deliver. Mouths to feed. Oh yeah…
…a life to balance.
Don’t believe everything you read about returning emails, staying connected, effective leadership, or online etiquette.
It isn’t about you.
That said.
If you have something they want (and they can find you) they will respond.
Don’t take “no reply” for an answer. Be persistent. Be tenacious. Convince them.
Operators are standing by.
– m

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Virginia Willis July 28, 2011 at 3:41 pm

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