Decisions Decisions

Would you hire the person with the most impressive credentials or the person with the most relevant experience?

The ambitious person or the curious person?
The person with the best answers or the best questions?
The better speaker or the better writer?
The person who sees things as they are or the way they could be?
If your job or your company’s future was on the line,

Which person would you choose?


– m

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2 Responses to "Decisions Decisions"

  1. 1. Most curious. Asking "what if" sparks innovation.
    2. Best Questions. Having the "best" answer is overrated. The best answer is usually 'best' only in a specific instance frozen in time (how often does that happen?)
    3. Best Writer. If all things are equal, pick the best writer.
    4. This could be a trick question. With everyone trying to prove how "creative" they are, there is something to be said for having a pragmatist on the team.

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