Curiosity Killed The Cat

by - m on 06/29/2010

More than any other trait, curiosity fuels change. 

The ability to ask “Why not?” or “What would happen if…?” or “How can things be better?” is the characteristic that drives a person to work toward changing the status quo.

Asking questions is a good beginning but questioning alone isn’t going to change anything. Action is going to change the status quo.

David Allen states in Getting Things Done that there are only two questions you need to answer to keep yourself on track…

  1. What is the desired outcome?
  2. What is the next action?

You need to not only answer the second question. You need to perform the action required that gets you to the desired outcome. You need to satisfy your curiosity. Without the ability to see a task through to completion, a little curiosity can be a dangerous thing.

It may have been curiosity that killed the cat….

…but it was satisfaction that brought her back.

– T.D. Boss

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