Crazy Ideas That Work

The following ideas are actual examples of what people have done to successfully break through the clutter and attract the attention of a recruiter.

  • I once wrote a cover letter in crayon. (read the full post here)
  • A teacher candidate corrected and graded a job description and sent it along with her curriculum vitae. 
  • A designer friend created a mirror-image resume that required the reader to use a mirror to read it.
  • A colleague applying for a marketing position created a mini-poster from a job posting.
  • A friend in media mailed his shoe to get “his foot in the door” (He then showed up at the interview wearing only one shoe and asked for his shoe back).
All of these things are gimmicks – shiny objects that grab attention.

Here are some really crazy ideas for attracting attention.
  • Cast a wide net by building a valuable network. (You build a valuable network by offering something of value to others).
  • Learn to write letters and then write them. (Real letters on paper).
  • Be known for sharing information and expecting nothing in return.
  • Be memorable.
  • Smile more.
– m

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