Boomers Versus Millennials

Only one of the following statements is true.
  1. Baby Boomers are technologically challenged and feel threatened by Millennials.
  2. Millennials are lazy and entitled and resent Baby Boomers.
  3. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

If you picked #3 you are correct. Not all Baby Boomers are challenged by technology. Some of us are excited about the opportunities technology has opened in our creative business. There are emerging markets that didn’t exist when we were younger. There are new paths to take. I enjoy the opportunity to teach and to learn from my younger colleagues. They think differently. They challenge the status quo – that’s their job. I did it when I entered the creative workplace, and I do it today. 

Not all Millennials are lazy or feel entitled.  The Millennials I meet and work with are as hard working as any of my other colleagues. 
When I began my career I was sometimes cocky and I thought I knew better than anyone else. I was labeled a “know-it-all”.  Today’s Millennials are sometimes cocky and think they know all the answers. They are labeled “entitled.” 
There is one stereotype, I regret to say, that remains as true today as it was when I began my career. Group labels are conjured by the folks trying to sell books or land consulting gigs. 
We called these folks “Consultants.”  Today they are called “Consultants.” 
– T.D. Boss

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