The Bipolar Workplace

The Creative Workplace is bipolar.

On one side there are the frenetic, imaginative folks who churn the ideas that make the place creative – producers, writers, art directors, editors. On the other side you have the methodical, organized people who are responsible for profit and loss – managers, sales personnel, lawyers.

Of course there are creative managers just as there are business-minded creatives. That’s not the point. The point is different personality types require different communication strategies. Some people think in pictures. Some in words. Some require hard facts and evidence. Some need a brief description.

Your ability to communicate effectively with many different personality types is important to your success in a creative workplace. 

Pitching your idea to the financial committee may require a different skill set than pitching your idea to the Head of Production. The finance folks may want excruciating detail including sales projections and budget information, while the Production Head may want only a “one-page” description or a video presentation.

Depends on how the person processes information. There are clues.

If the person is organized and has a “everything-in-its-place” attitude, chances are they may require a calm, thorough presentation. If, on the other hand, the person is high energy or flits from one topic to another, the pitch could be brief and imaginative. But these are stereotypes and stereotypes are fixed, oversimplified images. 

You are communicating with people, not stereotypes.

– m

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