Beware Of Free

by - m on 06/07/2011

Free is expected. 
I see it when colleagues meet with Freelancers to “pick their brains” about a project. I see it when Freelancers offer their services. 
If you have a full-time gig and you regularly “collaborate” with a freelance professional with no plan to hire them on a project or to compensate them, you are being dishonest. 

I know it seems harsh. 
I know the free exchange of ideas fuels your network. 
I know that free drives creative commerce.
But in a world of forced entrepreneurship, there’s a balance to be had.
Give away too much and you foster greed.
Take away too much and you foster thievery.
Free has its place.
But only when backed by good business reasons.
And good business practices.

– m

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