Alternate Reality

by - m on 07/01/2010

Just about every current business book claims that meetings are a waste of time. That doesn’t stop them from occurring. The gurus harangue us about not tolerating jerks, but jerks not only exist in life, they thrive. It’s as if the gurus live in an alternate corporate universe.

They do. And so should you. 

One of the advantages of working in a large organization is that it allows you to be invisible. Everyone else is concentrating on their goals, and their raises, and their evaluations. Which allows you to run your business* the way you want to run it. 

Just because the larger organization schedules meetings doesn’t mean you need to hold meetings (or attend all of theirs). Just because the company tolerates jerks doesn’t mean that you have to. 

Working in a large company has numerous advantages that transcend a regular paycheck and health benefits. It allows you to try things out as you work toward establishing the new status quo. 

I’m not talking about shirking your responsibilities. You can probably do your job in (at most) a couple of hours each day. 

– T.D. Boss
* Substitute the word “business” for “department” or “life” or “brand” or “goals” or whatever. 

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