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My name is Mike Thomas…

I am a dog lover, cat herder, beachcomber,
sun worshiper, coach, adviser, and
Larry David-like curmudgeon.

After working on someone else’s dream for over thirty years,
I chucked it all 
and moved to Malibu to write about my passion
and to help you find yours.

TheDailyBoss is here to challenge your beliefs, offer advice,
and inspire you to rethink everything the experts have
told you about work and life and balance in the gig economy.

Let’s make a difference as well as a living.

TheDailyBoss also appears on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @TheDailyBoss

Stay well.

Laugh often.

Thanks for visiting.

mike thomas



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Fran Kaplan March 7, 2015 at 10:53 am