A Personal Lesson In Failure

It’s easy to say to embrace failure but it’s hard to do. Sometimes you need help and the support of others to overcome the fear of failure. A case in point:

Early in my career I was asked to serve as cameraman on a film shoot. My boss was the producer. I had experience using video cameras but I was new to film cameras. During the shoot I tried some new techniques which resulted in more than a few blown takes and increased costs causing the project to go over budget.

What I remember most from that experience was how bad I felt and how my boss responded to the situation. “What did you learn?,” he asked after the shoot. I said I could have tried out my ideas before we were on the set instead of experimenting during the shoot. “Well,” he said, “It wasn’t a total loss was it? Anytime you learn something new, it’s worth the risk.”

My boss taught me not to fear failure and more importantly he taught me to applaud other people’s failure.

– T.D. Boss

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