A Message To Baby Boomers

From one Boomer to another…

…If you find yourself saying things like

“I’ve been in this business for x number of years.”

Or if you pine away for “the good old days.”

Or if you believe that sharing knowledge only strengthens the competition.

Or if you see “The Millennials” as a threat to your job security.

Or if you are bored, unchallenged, and unfulfilled in your job.

I humbly submit that it is time for you to go. It’s time to step aside and allow someone with what Bruce Sterling calls “Passionate Virtuosity” to have their opportunity.

Failing that, you could be less solipsistic and mentor a protege.

As John Kay sang in Move Over (you remember Steppenwolf don’t you?)

“Yesterday’s glory won’t help us today.
You wanna retire? Get out of the way.”

– m

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